• Interior, two pizza boxes stacked up on a table
  • Assorted pizzas on a table, mural art in the background
  • Served pizza, top view

About Us

where community
comes first

Eastside Pizza House

Jabee, as an internationally known rap and hip hop artist, has had the good fortune to travel around the world. In his travels he has been able to sample cuisines from culinary masters from many different cultures. As is well known, Jabee likes food. He has always wished that he could take friends and family to some of these places and sample some of the exotic food that he has been able to try. The next best thing? Bring fresh, quality food back to his home community. The development at Eastpoint has given him the opportunity to do just that. In collaboration with other Black Business Owners, Eastside Pizza House looks to establish a place where the community can come together for food and fellowship, a place for the community to take pride in, A Slice for the Community!